When you look out for cold days and they don’t and don’t come

You've tried everything and the desired cooling just doesn't appear. Temperature not only outdoors, but also in all rooms of your apartment rises, as well as your irritation and desire to be in November, and you did not have to swim in your own sweat. In this situation, we offer you one more alternative to reducing body temperature and improving the existing mood – a draught ice cream.
Forget the bad mood and join the gourmets
Thus, to those where, from the first day of the Open ice cream booth, they are waiting in the queue and with the tension they expect, the jakouže flavor was prepared for them today by the owner. These people walk down the street with mouth-washed, sticky toes and a steady grin from ear to ear. So become a member of the team of eternal optimists this year! We will help you in this.