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Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods that Carpet Cleaners Use

A carpet beautifies a room and keeps the users’ feet warm, and it will look beautiful for years even after using it where there is heavy foot traffic when it is maintained properly. When was the last time carpet cleaners removed the dust, tough stains and disinfected your carpet? Cleaning the carpet often reduces the rate of allergic attacks like sneezing. There are several carpet cleaning methods, but you may not have used all of them because you do not know hence read below to find out more cleaning methods to use.

Carpet cleaners use a special heavy-duty motorized machine that has a spinning pad when doing bonnet carpet cleaning. The solution that the cleaning pad is immersed into will absorb dirt that is loosely attached to the surface of the carpet. It is the best carpet cleaning method to use when the carpet is laid in areas that may people walk by frequently because bonnet cleaning leaves no moisture in the carpet and the carpet will take minutes to dry. Carpet cleaners can focus on their job as people pass by because bonnet cleaning does not obstruct people from passing by while cleaning is in progress.

Hot water extraction cleaning or steam carpet cleaning is the use of warm or hot water that is under high pressure to remove dirt from the carpet. The carpet is brushed and rinsed afterward using a special machine. The carpet is hung in a room that has an air conditioner to regulate the room temperature.

Shampoo cleaning needs more water and more time for the carpet to dry compared to foam encapsulation. Detergents that are used crystallize, dry to create a powder substance that encapsulates loose dirt particles. The carpet is vacuumed or brushed to get rid of the dry powder. This method leaves no residue on the carpet.

Dry carpet cleaning is also called compound cleaning hence do not get confused when carpet cleaners use these terms interchangeably. The most efficient and effective method among all the carpet cleaning techniques is compound cleaning. More people are embracing dry carpet cleaning although it is the latest method because the carpet does not need to be dried after it has been cleaned. The carpet is vacuumed to remove the combination of special chemicals and dirt because once the chemicals are sprayed on the carpet, they mix with the dirt. Compound carpet cleaning cannot clean tough stains or a carpet that is heavily soiled hence use wet carpet cleaning under such circumstance to remove the tough stains and excess dirt.

Carpet shampooing is the best method for a heavily soiled carpet. The carpet becomes sticky when it dries the carpet is not rinsed thoroughly because the residues of shampoo detergents will remain on it. The carpets will last long because there are special shampoo for cleaning each type of carpet fabric.

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