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Everything You Need to Know About Intermodal Freight Services

A lot of people are familiar with the use of trucks to move freight. If you try driving cross country, there is no doubt that you will come across semitrucks moving along the highway. Aside from trucking as a kind of freight transportation, an old method moving freight is with the use of a train. There is one answer that you can get when you are wondering how you can haul your cargo by using either a railway service or a truck service. When it comes to moving freight, you can actually use both methods. You can benefit from both transportation methods when you tap into the intermodal services of transportation companies. By using intermodal freight services, you can make the most of the strengths that both types of transportation services offer.

If you say intermodal freight services, you should know that these services use more than one type of transportation to move your cargo. For most intermodal freight services offered around the globe, they often use railways and truck services. Other forms of transportation included in these services include cargo ships, planes, and barges. What makes all of these transportation forms possible will have to be the use of shipping or intermodal containers. The ISO has issued certain standards when it comes to shipping containers. By ensuring that these containers follow the standards, you can be sure that they will be unloaded, stacked, loaded, and moved by any company that offers intermodal freight services whether using ships, railways, or trucks.

When you ship using intermodal services, the costs are more affordable compared with shipping only by truck. Only with intermodal freight services can you take cost-saving advantages that both trucks and trains offer. For the same amount of energy that a truck can use alone, you can save much more freight when you use railway to move your cargo. As a matter of fact, when you use one intermodal train, you can get rid of 280 trucks from the highway. Aside from intermodal freight services being much more cost-effective, they are also friendlier to the environment.

Though railroad services can move your freight quickly from one city to the next, it is impossible to do so from portal to portal. It is important that you have a truck if you want to get your product across the final address f your customers from your loading dock to the railroad and then from the railroad to their address. A reliable trucking company is a key player in efficient intermodal freight services.

Today, you can choose from a wide array of companies that offer intermodal freight services. In choosing the right company for these services, make sure to look into certain traits from them such as experience, customer service, and communication. Whether you have a smaller load or a huge load, you want to be treated the same way in the company that you choose.


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